What Should I Do When I’ve Lost a Tooth?


Why get your missing teeth fixed?

Some people may experience having missing teeth at one point in their adult life.

Some people may not realise how important it is to replace any teeth that are removed, especially if they do not think it is noticeable.

People may think that ignoring any missing teeth is no big deal and that it won’t have a severe impact on the dental patient.

Those people are wrong.

Issues experienced

People who are missing several teeth are likely to suffer from different types of issues as a result of not treating teeth that have fallen out.

  • Issues with their appearance
  • Higher risk of gum disease
  • Bone and teeth loss
  • Issues with their bite
  • Damaged teeth


Many people may ignore getting their teeth replaced because they have a fear related to going to the dentist, but it is better to fix the problem than to ignore it.

Those who avoid going to the dentist are likely to have different problems with their teeth, such as:

  1. Cavities
  2. Missing/loose teeth
  3. Damaged gums and teeth

Where to find help?

There are treatment methods available for people who want to replace teeth with implants – Maida Smiles have been providing excellent implant replacement services for missing teeth.

Their experience with providing people with new teeth to replace their lost teeth has delivered results to many happy customers.

Instead of living with lost or missing teeth, it is better to get them replaced so you can begin to feel more confident within yourself.

The benefits

However, if a tooth has fallen out it does not mean that it can’t be fixed.

Many people decide to get specific dental services to treat areas in their mouth where they used to have more teeth.

Getting this done has multiple benefits for the dental patient:

  • Increases the function of the mouth
  • Maintains their original face structure
  • Restores their original smile
  • Maintains the safety of neighbouring teeth

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July 2024