Should I consider All on Four Implants for my Smile?


The Advantages of All on Four Procedure

A good smile is undoubtedly the most advantageous way to look perfect!

What does a beautiful smile give us?

A smile is a measurable value.

But sometimes people cannot smile at you because they feel shy of bad teeth or gaps instead of them.

Some years ago, most dental clinics practised teeth prosthesis methods, limited to removable dentures or implants attached to the jaw by implant installation.

It certainly improved the fixation of the prosthesis but did not change the status quo: the denture was still removable. However, everything changed a few years ago with the invention of a new prosthesis method called all on 4.

All-on-Four Procedure

It is an innovative prosthetic technology that completely renews a dental cast indistinguishable from natural dentition that allows a patient to live a whole life without discomfort and limitations.

Moreover, the technology all on four involves the installation of only 4 implants, which will fix and support the entire jaw.

It is essential that 90% of the patients did not need to enlarge bone tissue for attachment. And non-removable implant installation must take a minimum time – no more than 3 – 4 hours. More.

Implant Specialist, Philip McCauley explains the procedure for All on 4 treatment. More

Is All-on-Four right for me?

Patients who could benefit from All-on-4 implants include those suffering with:

  • Loose fitting dentures which affect eating, drinking and speaking
  • Gum disease which has led to teeth falling out or extractions
  • Jaw bone loss after losing teeth
  • Failing bridges and crowns
  • Replacing loose teeth

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June 2024