Tips on Managing Your Stress Effectively


Identify Your Stress

To manage stress, you must first be able to identify it; this will help you succeed as you deal with the issues listed below.  Some of the indicators that you are overly stressed are:

  • Gaining weight
  • An increase in muscle pain
  • Stomach aches
  • Loss of hair
  • Forgetting important dates and appointments
  • The twitching of your eyelids
  • Disrupted sleeping patterns

Any of these issues are extremely important to note as they can disrupt the quality of your life and your job performance.  Be sure to keep a diary of any increases in the frequency of these problems so you can share that information with your healthcare professional.

Results of Stress on Your Body

Your body will be impacted negatively by the stress that you experience regularly; almost every function in your body is affected as more and more stress builds.  You’ll notice that your immunity is lowered, you have an increased risk of diabetes, and your oral health can also suffer; sometimes, stress will cause you to take in more sugary snacks, promoting tooth decay.  Headaches are also another by-product of too much stress in your life; from a delayed project at work to fussy children at an important event, stress can trigger the unwanted headache that ruins your enjoyment.

Treating Stress with Natural Means

One of the ways that you can control the amount of stress that you’re experiencing is to increase the amount of vitamin C that you ingest; if you can’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, you may want to explore outstanding supplements such as Altrient C which can reduce the amount of stress in your life.  You can also get plenty of fresh air and exercise, which helps to control your stress effectively; walking about thirty minutes daily will make a great deal of difference in your health and well-being.  Cut down on the number of greasy foods you eat and watch carefully the amount of alcohol you drink.  It will increase your stress and anxiety and make the situation somewhat worse.

From using yoga programs to implementing proper breathing techniques to taking Altrient C regularly, you can manage your stress effectively without medications and expensive visits to your healthcare professional.


July 2024