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     Have a wander through them, or check out...
  • newWith Open Hands Beginners Tips for Open Relationships - reprint of the Fingerbook zine with a lot of new text by Merrick.
  • Love by Mahalia - the newest and best book from Mahalia. So far.
  • Hot Pantz - reprint of the classic zine of DIY Gynecology
  • Rooted 2 - heartily parping a resplendent funky horn of cultural commentary
  • Rooted - a frisky cut-and-paste stride through contemporary culture
  • There's a Riot Goin' On? by Merrick - in-depth and accessible analysis of the media's reporting of protests and direct actions
  • Sexyouality edited by Merrick - a collection of essays and rants challenging the culture of monogamy
  • Cannabis: Should it be Decriminalised? - transcription of a top-level British debate on the issue
  • Junkmail Backlash by the Junkmail Desperados - turning the tables on bulk-mailing companies results in 'a bit of a laugh'
  • The Mysteries of the (H)i-(t)ching - a friendly little guide to hitching in the UK
  • Doubting by Mahalia - true stories, poetry, songs, an autohagiography
  • Surrender by Mahalia - a book about voices: beautiful voices, ugly voices, sickness, hitching, love, & sex w/ the devil...
  • Battle for the Trees by Merrick - a personal account of the Newbury bypass protest during 1996

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