a part-time job as a training program to get you back into the
swing of employment.Its
a fact and its worth knowing. A large number of long term lone
single parents who return to full-time employment end up back
on benefits within three months.






can increase your chance of staying in full-time employment,
by simply getting a part-time job for several months before
you plan to go back full-time. This will give you the opportunity
to fine tune your social skills, and give you a bit of self
discipline and confidence. It will also allow you to judge as
to how much stress you can efficiently work with. Lone parents
as a rule are extremely good at dealing with stress,



but if you have not worked for 10 years then jump straight into a highly
stressful job, chances are your not going to last long.


big problem that working parents have is that even after a days work
they then have to come home and still do another days work. Full-time
means a twelve hour day for most parents, and finding the energy to
get this done can be extremely difficult. That’s why as a unattached single
parent its worth doing a part-time job first, to not only work on your
social skills, but to physically train and prepare you.


A long term unemployed parent after a few weeks of starting a full-time
job. May become exhausted and start to wonder if its worth it!, then
he or she has to decide whether to keep going or leave. Not because
their a bit tied, but because they are completely physically and mentally
drained. No one can expect a parent who has not been employed for 10
years, to simply slide into a twelve hour day without it causing physical
or mental distress, some parents may well overcome these hurdles, but
others will simply fall. Exhausted from their ordeal many find it difficult
to get back in the saddle, some will take damage to their confidence
and self-esteem, maybe even mistake it as a personal failing and simply
loose their will to work.



parents with low self-esteem !…


you are a single parent with lost confidence or rusty social skills,
and you want to get back to work or improve the quality of your life.
But feel unable to take them first few steps, we are here to help, and
if you follow my suggested Self-help diary, we can honestly say that
you will see and feel a huge improvement in your self-esteem, confidence
and social skills.

Its real simple, all you have to do is read the suggested diary and
carry out the suggested tasks, but these must be carried out to the
best of your ability. Remember that the only person your cheating is
yourself. That’s it, that’s all you have to do, and when your done we
are pretty sure that your going to be feeling a whole lot better about
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your say !…


think that one of the hardest things to overcome is the 9-5 commitment,
the having to be there no matter what. Unless the kids have actually
left home, they are still going to be having sick days from school.
The Easter, summer and half-term holidays make it a battle between work
and your parental instinct, to be there for them.


a long term unemployed parent I found it extremely difficult to make
the required adjustments for full-time employment, simply because I
was so used to doing my own thing in my own time, and at my own pace.


have been a single parent for 12 years, and in that time have had no
real time work experience. I recently tried to go back to work, but
only lasted two weeks. I wanted to get some help but didn’t know where
to look, or who to ask,

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