solo voyage

is amongst other things a voyage of discovery,
and finding out
who you are is in part what this journey is all about !



take this opportunity to welcome all single parent mothers, and
single parent fathers aboard the good ship Venus and wish you
a safe and pleasant journey. Some of you may be wondering where
the voyage will take you, others may walk and wonder in search
of the courage to embark on such a perilous voyage. So before
we depart there are certain things all must come to terms with.


of us actually want to be single parent mums or dads, given the choice
I am sure you would much rather be in a deep meaningful, caring relationship.
And its because of this, a lot of you, are where you are today. We are
encouraged to believe from infancy that we will one day fall in love,
get married have kids and live happily ever after. The reality is of
course quite different, and many of us are left feeling cheated, hurt,
and bitterly disappointed.


with this can send you in many directions, you can display lots of hostility
and anger towards all concerned, which incidentally hurts you a lot
more than it does them, in fact they may well enjoy seeing you in such
distress. They may even get the idea, that you can’t manage without
them and see it as a some sort of twisted hidden affection, and even
if it is, it’s not the way to put anything right.


It matters not what your motive or goals are, you stand more chance
of getting what you want by being nice, and it works. If you want to
be get on, be nice, if you want to be nasty, be nice. Being nice can
be extremely intimidating, it pleasantly warms those who care for you,
and irritates those that don’t.

has also been brought to my attention that a lot of passengers are still
carrying far too much baggage, I therefore ask these persons to think
long and hard about what they carry with them, and what they leave behind.
It should be noted that whilst it’s a good thing to make a friend of
your ex partner, there is no room for them in your sleeping quarters.

Note; a solo voyage is never an easy one, your survival depends heavily
on your ability to wave that goodbye to what was. This is by no means
an easy task, and many will be tempted to jump ship. I take this opportunity
to wish these persons a lot of luck and every success in their old life.
Those of you that decide to take that plunge may well find them selves
stranded or treading water and will be picked up at our next port of
call. Reports of an epidemic of Cabin fever has promted the captain
to suggest all passengers walk the decks at least four times a week.


It should also be pointed out that since you are travelling self catering
economy class, there will be no entertainment officers on board this
ship, so unless you make your own, there quite simply isn’t going to
be any. The ship will on occasion, have to pull in for general wear
and tear repair work, this as you know is an essential part of survival
and we urge all passengers to make the necessary arrangements and get
them selves ashore. Note; Those of you who choose not to come along
will I am in no doubt be seeing the ships doctor. Now read the “Survival
Guide” .