Members of the forum (Connection Portal) still need to register on
our Free dating site !.. As it maybe that not all members will want
to take part .. we kept it separate


We strongly recommend that you upload a photo
to your profile:

It is a proven fact
that single parent Dating profiles with photos are

visited much more often, and are much more likely to get a reply.
Since most visitors only search profiles with “Pics Only”


If you are having
problems uploading a photo
Clipart please)
( Ask for advice using the contact us link )


Three important steps to ensure a response:
keep your unattached parent profile details up to date
2′ Make sure
your “location” is displayed
3′ Add a photo
(No Clipart please)


Profile Information:
Your personal information is collected for our
records only. At no time will your personal information, including first
name, last name and address (if collected) be made pubicly available
to Single Parent Dating members, or other third-party organizations.
are entirely responsible for any information you make publicly available
in your profile, messages, in the chatrooms or any other publicly accessible
areas of the site.