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'If the book we are reading does not wake us as with a fist hammering on our skull, why then do we read it? A book must be an ice-axe to break the sea frozen inside us.'
- Franz Kafka

With Open Hands

Beginners Tips for Open Relationships

With Open Hands

Godhaven Ink reprints this indispensible zine.

With Open Hands started life as a love letter. Paxus from the zine publisher Fingerbook Project was told by his lover that she didn't mind him seeing other people but didn't want to do it herself. Then she met Chuck. Finding it complicated and uncharted territory, she asked Paxus to help her avoid mistakes he'd made.

He wrote a detailed, thoughtful, encouraging and long letter. With the help of friends, his response was expanded to become the excellent zine With Open Hands.

The key thing about open relationships is that they accept the uniqueness of the situation. Each relationship is different, and each evolves over time. Yet, there are certain problems that are common to people first trying open relationships, and there are approaches and ideas that can help steer them round.

Always compassionate, this zine is really useful for anyone keen to keep their love as bright and free as can be.

As we'd got a dodgy 58th generation photocopy, before reprinting we decided to retype the text, rescan the images and lay it out from scratch. In typing it up, Merrick found there were things to add, points and aspects and ideas that followed on from the original text. So, in keeping with the anti-copyright spirit of Godhaven Ink and Fingerbook Project, he just wrote them in to create this considerably expanded edition.

Having reprinted the excellent but hard to find Hot Pantz, we are proud to be reprinting another obscure classic. We hope to do this with a few more brilliant difficult-to-find zines soon.

A6 pamphlet • 56 pages • first published 1995, Godhaven Ink edition 2008

£1.00 (inc p&p)

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by Mahalia

love by mahalia

An unprecedented reconfiguration of both poetry and the short story form, Love is a funny, bitter, compassionate, uniquely compelling map of the human heart, the soul laid out in all its strange, perplexing totality, without judgement, without sin.

All life is here, lit with a light as stark and precise as a laboratory, yet as mysterious and enchanting as a full moon.

In breadth of intention, form and content, Love is unlike any book you have read before, and Mahalia's best work so far.

"A modern-day Henry Miller, I couldn't put 'Love' down."
Dorian Cope

A5 book • 128 pages • first published 2004 • ISBN 0952997576

£4.00 (inc p&p)
(50p off retail price)

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Hot Pantz

by Isabelle Gauthier & Lisa Vinebaum

Hot Pantz DIY Gynecology

Godhaven Ink reprints this superb Canadian zine.

Hot Pantz was written by herbalists and activists to provide women with the knowledge to understand and maintain their genital health, and diagnose and treat minor problems effectively. Good, detailed advice and techniques.

This zine is for you if you'd like to know as much about your cunt as your doctor does; or if you break out in a cold sweat every time your period's late; or if the pill is giving you the blues; or if your friend gets bad menstrual pain; or if the condom busts; or if you catch the clap; or if antibiotics give you a yeast infection; or if your yeasty itch makes you want to grab the steel wool; or if you bleed buckets; or if STDs are squatting your crotch; or if any of these things might happen to you in future.

The zine is reprinted by Godhaven Ink in full.

If you live in Canada, you can get it from Urban Armor for CAN$7 including postage.

If you live in the USA, you can get it from Pomegranate Collective for US$2.

half-A4 (vertically folded) pamphlet • 56 pages • first published 1994

£1.00 (inc p&p)

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Rooted 2

compiled and edited by Merrick

rooted 2 heartily parping a resplendent funky horn of cultural commentary
Yet more cut-and-paste enlightenment, with equal helpings of profundity and tomfoolery. Includes:

School's Out by Geoffrey Bax (educating your kids) (hosted at Head Heritage)
Our Europe, Their Europe by Niki Kortvelyessy
Tribal Brain in a Global Village by Merrick
Earthed by Steve Kilbey
Who's Afraid of the Internet? by Douglas Adams
• and Beards as Tools of Revolution by Merrick

All for a meagre £1.

A5 pamphlet • 40 pages • first published 2000

£1.00 (inc p&p)

or order by mail


compiled and edited by Merrick

rooted an intrepid furtle in a funky tub of truth, beauty, and seasoned buffoonery
Assembled in the cut-and-paste pick-and-mix tradition of the original godhaven trilogy of zines, Rooted was put together by Merrick in late 1998. A bright and shiny range of articles, quotes, graphics and other bits, some new, some pinched from other zines, books, the internet and beyond, all of it not quite like anything else. Includes:

In Defence Of Hypocrisy by Robin Fishwick (hosted at Head Heritage)
God, What's The Use? by Merrick (hosted at Head Heritage)
Why Beggars Are Hated by George Orwell
Every Day You're Alive Is A Special Occasion by Ann Wells
Now... This! by Neil Postman
Charity Shops: A Pile Of Old Tat? Or Paranormal Phenomena? by Merrick

All for a humble £1.

A5 pamphlet • 44 pages • first published 1998

£1.00 (inc p&p)

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There's a Riot Goin' On?

by Merrick

there's a riot goin' on?

Protests, Newspapers, and myth-information

Intelligent, in-depth and yet eminently accessible, the bulk of this zine is a blow-by-blow comparison of newspaper reports on the demonstration against the Criminal Justice Bill (Hyde Park, October 1994) and the Newbury Reunion Rally (January 1997), where a quarter of a million pounds worth of road building equipment was trashed. Find out exactly how inaccurate the mass media is when it comes to direct action reporting.

Plus a substantial essay on the issues surrounding mass media, direct action, violence and the police; eyewitness accounts from the Hyde Park riot; and a reproduction of Practical History's excellent 'Battle for Hyde Park' leaflet, a history of civil unrest in Hyde Park from 1855-1994.

A5 pamphlet • 44 pages • first published 1997

£1.00 (inc p&p)

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compiled & edited by Merrick

sexyouality Challenging the culture of monogamy
Monogamy - the idea that there should only be one person with whom you have sexual relations - is widely held to be not only the normal and natural, but also an ideal. And yet it's a lifestyle few of us actually live out. sexyouality challenges not monogamy as the relationship, but as an ideal, as a blueprint. Having unattainable or unsuitable goals can only ever disappoint and frustrate, and not only distracts from honest interaction, but actively discourages it.

Although most of us attempt monogamy, most of us have to deal with infidelity. Superficially it may seem like monogamy is a safe option, but clearly for many people it's a denial of a very real part of us. Like another supposedly normal and natural ideal, the nuclear family of mum dad and two kids, it's not what most of us actually do, nor seemingly what most of us truly want or need. Although most of us will marry, recent generations have come to accept a diversity in family life, and judgemental ideas of people 'living in sin' having 'illegitimate' and 'bastard' children are now laughably anachronistic. But monogamy - essentially behaving as if you're practising to be married - as a supreme ideal is intact. Those who live outside it are seen as selfish, and often as 'cheats'. And yet most of us are not monogamous, at least at some time.

So what if we were to be non-monogamous; not secretly or furtively, but as a wilful choice akin to those who live outside the ideal of marriage? What problems would be solved? What problems would be created? How could we deal with them? And would we honestly be likely to be any happier? Drawing on a wealth of diverse contemporary writing in essays, letter, zines and books from Britain, Europe and the USA over the last 30 years, and beyond into the poetry of Kahlil Gibran and records of non-monogamous living in Victorian times, this pamphlet raises these questions and offers some answers.

A Place To Start from the introduction by Merrick
The Politics Of Poly Love by James Heddle
Sex Is Not The Important Thing by Michael Aluna
A Green Anarchist Project on Freedom and Love by Mae Bee
Polyamorous Parenting by Emma Jackson

A5 pamphlet • 64 pages • first published 1999 • slightly expanded second edition 2007 • ISBN 0 9529975 3 3

£2.00 (inc p&p)

or order by mail

Cannabis: should it be decriminalised?


A complete transcription of the debate organised by the Independent on Sunday, 11th December 1997. This pamphlet is different. It is not published just to promote cannabis decriminalisation or prohibition (or indeed any other stance). Enough propaganda has been published by both sides, usually missing out the awkward points that are difficult to deal with.

This is the full transcription of a top-level debate on the issue. All opinions are expertly put and expertly challenged. This is the state of the debate in Britain. The reader is credited with the intelligence be able to make up their own mind.

With the prohibitionists so giving it their best and yet so convincingly trounced, it is ideal for getting undecided people to see that there really is no good reason for prohibition.

The full text of this transcription is also available online at the UKCIA website.

A5 pamphlet • 60 pages • first published 1998

£2.00 (inc p&p)

or order by mail

Junkmail Backlash

by The Junkmail Desperados

junkmail backlash

Peering timidly into the deep, dark, impersonal corporate world of 'direct mailing', and a journal of a stealthy maverick rampage through it... Two self-made 'Freepost Desperados' turn the tables on the bulk-mailing companies. Rather than cravenly trying to halt the tides of junkmail coming through their letterboxes, they boldly snip out the coupons, and direct special life insurance offers and obscure catalogues at each other – clogging up corporate mailing lists, wasting company time and resources. And, armed with a bit of imaginative and degenerate schoolyard humour, they have 'a bit of a laugh' at the ribald epithets they manage to sneak through the system.

This zine is a xeroxed compendium of some of their 'successes': a brochure of incontinence products addressed to 'Mrs Methsdrinker'; a letter from British Gas to a 'Mrs Gufflighter'; not to mention one from Inter-Church Travel to a 'Reverend I.M.A. Deifister' at the 'Christfelcher Centre'! Printed illegally on stolen paper. Includes full glossary.

While you're at it, check out these other mad postal experiments

A5 pamphlet • 100 pages • first published 1995

£2.00 (inc p&p)

or order by mail

The Mysteries of the (H)I-(T)CHING

by Merrick

the mysteries of hitching

Hitching is a much-maligned and greatly beneficial form of transport. Not only is it FREE, it also teaches you initiative, tolerance, and a respect for the diversity of human kindness.

This little pamphlet aims to introduce hitching virgins to the art of thumbing it, giving hints & tips gathered from our years of experience of travelling for nowt. (Note: Although it's written for people in Britain, people elsewhere may be able to adapt & still learn something.)

You can grab a text-only version of this little gem here.

A6 minizine • 8 pages • first published 1995
download text or order by mail

Battle for the Trees

by Merrick

battle for the trees A personal story of the Newbury Bypass protest

The rise of direct action protests in the mid 1990s firmly caught the British public imagination. In the last days of the most unpopular government in history, it was incredibly refreshing to have people be selflessly active, and to be addressing issues outside of the London-centric parliamentary squabbling that passed for politics in previous years.

The anti-roads protests were a startling sight. People built treehouses high up in the trees that were to be felled to make way for new roads. Removing them was an difficult, lengthy and expensive process for the authorities.

The protesters started off being seen as a bunch of freaks unable to face the realities of progress. In a few short years they got over their meticulously researched and provable message that building more roads exacerbates, rather than solves, traffic problems. The campaigns at Twyford Down, Jesmond Dene, Solsbury Hill and East London (Wanstonia/Claremont Road) built on one another's successes, improving tactics of resistance to the roadbuilders, and getting their view across until, by the time the trees were felled for the Newbury Bypass in early 1996, the scientific and public mind had been changed. The protesters view had become the new orthodoxy.

At Newbury there were 35 camps along the nine mile route of the bypass, with hundreds of people living there. The ingenuity and resourcefulness was staggering; the way these few hundred people with minimal resources could outwit and outmanoeuvre the might of the police, security guards and bailiffs sent to defeat them was so remarkable that at times it bordered on the comical.

Merrick had been involved with several direct action campaigns before, but nothing on the scale of Newbury. He went in early January, two days after felling started. He had intended to go for a weekend. He stayed for three months.

His book was the first one about these protests. And while there have subsequently been several academic tomes, it is Merrick's Battle For The Trees and Kate Evans' superb Copse (ISBN 0953267407) that remain the definitive texts. It is only in these books that you find the story told with the passion and soul of those who were actually there, and so only these books can make you really feel what it was like and what it was about.

He gets us to realise that not only are we capable of having our voice heard, but we can actually get out there and fight for what we believe in. Like many who were at Newbury, Merrick makes clear that the bypass isn't merely a road project, but a manifestation of a corrupt and destructive way of organising ourselves, and that it is up to us all to take our lives back into our own hands, that we not only have a right and duty to affect the things that affect us; we also have the ability to do it too, if only we would realise it.

Battle For The Trees was written in the summer of 1996, only weeks after the protest ended, so the writing is still fresh and the writer still very much in the same mindset as he was when the protest was going on. He writes in a tremendously fluid and informal way, so that he not just gets us to understand what was wrong with the bypass scheme and the system that imposed it (and there is plenty of well-argued political text), but he puts us into the real spirit of the thing.

He really brings home the fervent drive and wit of the protesters, the shocking and brutal abuses of authority by police, bailiffs and officials, and the pathetic and shameful inadequacy and corruption of the institutions entrusted with caring for our natural heritage. In doing so he sharply illustrates the issues of not just this one protest, but of the deeper meaning of our entire system of social values.

Dry detached analysis can only win minds; it is emotion that wins our hearts. Merrick's writing is a natural and supremely effective blend of both, so he effortlessly wins over both the heart and the mind of the reader.

Things other people have said about Battle for the Trees:

"It gives you a real feeling of what it was like to be there... It's a great read and it's extremely difficult to put the book down til the end. When you finish it you want to jump up and do something active. What more could you ask from a book than a few hours of cosy reading and a dose of inspiration to go and act."
Do or Die - Voices from Earth First!

"If it was an album it would be full of hit singles - open it at any page and find a quote to impress your friends."
Julian Cope

"I enjoyed it immensely. I found it very inspiring, very informative."
Martin Millar

"A more honest, open and important contribution to the history of Newbury than any journalistic account we've so far seen."
Green Anarchist

"A committed and energetic piece of writing."
George MacKay (author of Senseless Acts of Beauty: Cultures of Resistance Since the Sixties and DIY Culture)

"A brilliant political educational book. I think teenagers could find hours of classroom discussion from it. Perhaps it should be a National Curriculum book?! . . . This book tells it like it is."
Green Line magazine

An extract from Battle For The Trees was included in the paperback anthology Penguin Book of 20th Century Protest alongside contributions from, among others, Ghandi, Lenin, Germaine Greer, Malcolm X, Aung San Suu Kyi, Sylvia Pankhurst, Nelson Mandela, Trotsky, Haile Selassie, Che Guevara, Hitler and George Orwell!

A5 book • 132 pages • first published 1996 • ISBN 0952997509

Sorry! This one's so damned good it's sold out.

If you're absolutely gagging for a copy try emailing us as we occasionally get one or two copies returned from bookshops we'd forgotten about.


by Mahalia

doubting mahalia an autohagiography

an alchemical text from the late 20th century

a true story

a book of poems & philosophy

& a couple of songs

"Doubting changed my life. I am transformed in the holy grail of these words - these primitive maskings, this futuristic map"
Margaret Andreas, author of Path of The Sacred Warrior and Path of The Sacred Clown

Sorry! This one's so damned good it's sold out for now. You could ask the good people at your local library (in the UK) to order one for you, though.
The ISBN is 0-9529975-1-7.


by Mahalia

surrender mahalia this is a book about voices: the ones we wait to hear... the beautiful ones... the ugly ones; the ones that go wrong... the ones that don't come true; the ones that make us kill our children... the ones that make us save the world...

a 100 page end of the century hitching blues, taking in land rights, protest sites, callings, vocations, love, sickness, childhood, faith, time, the true nature of god, war, sex w/ the devil... whatever the hell you want.

"One of the 20th century's finest poets"

Sorry! This one's so damned good it's sold out for now. You could ask the good people at your local library (in the UK) to order one for you, though.
The ISBN is 0-9529975-2-5.

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